Twitter users take the #PlasticBagChallenge, a malicious challenge thought to be intended to encourage asphyxiation / @NFWFUK/Twitter

The malicious challenge is thought to have originated on 4chan as a way to encourage gullible people to asphyxiate themselves

Following the Kylie Jenner Lips Challenge and the #CharlieCharlieChallenge, Twitter users are being duped into a "charity" stunt that involves them putting plastic bags on their heads and holding their breath for as long as possible.

#PlasticBagChallenge is thought to have been concocted by 4chan users as a cynical take on previous challenges, in the aim of making gullible people asphyxiate themselves.

A thread which appears before connections were being drawn between the ‘challenge’ and wildlife preservation, appears to suggest that anonymous users on 4chan started and repurposed the hashtag.

Users on 4chan discuss the formation of the #PlasticBagChallenge idea

A poster has also been tweeted, bearing the insignia of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, appearing to incite people to take the 'challenge' with the promise that the foundation will donate for the amount of time people have a plastic bag on their head.

A spokesperson for the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation said: "This twitter account is not associated in any way with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, nor is the so-called #plasticbagchallenge, which is obviously a dangerous activity that we do not endorse in any way.

"We have notified Twitter that this account (@nfwfuk) is not affiliated with our foundation."