Amid a raft of new features in iOS9, shown off at Apple's WWDC conference this week, is a very overdue one: lowercase keyboards.

Some of you may not have realised, but for years now keyboards have displayed entirely in capital letters on Apple devices, making it confusing when using the shift key and not immediately obvious which case you are in.

This was made worse when iOS7 removed the blue highlight on the shift key, meaning you only had an underline to go by.

iOS9 will flip the keyboard to lower case when you hit it however, so that's nice.

In addition to making it easier to capitalise when appropriate, the change will probably also be welcome by those who prefer to write in all-lowercase for some complex sociological reason, a group ever on the increase.

Apple's upcoming music screaming service Connect stole the show at the keynote on Monday, with Drake turning up to serve as its hype man and hinting that his new album will be premiered on the service.