iPad Air 'explodes' in Australian phone store

The shop was filled with smoke prompting an evacuation and fire brigade call out

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An iPad Air - Apple’s latest tablet - reportedly exploded in a Vodafone store in Australia prompting an evacuation.

“A burst of flames” apparently rose from the charging point of the display model, filling the shop with smoke, a Vodafone spokesperson told Sydney’s Daily Telegraph. Sparks then continued to shoot from the device and the fire brigade were called to put out the blaze.

No staff members or customers were injured during the incident. The iPad was completely destroyed with the screen cracked and metal frame completely charred.

It is understood a representative from Apple collected the iPad for testing to try and establish the cause of the explosion. So far, Apple has made no comment.

The explosion follows reports earlier this year of a Chinese woman being electrocuted and killed whilst making a call on her iPhone, with the surge believed to have been caused by the use of an unauthorised third party charger. Following the death, Apple launched a worldwide charger trade in programme.