iPhone 6s (AP) / AP

The issue is only affecting ‘a small number’ of the phones

Some of Apple’s iPhone 6s handsets are shutting down for no reason, the company has said.

Apple will now replace any phones that display the issue, which the company says only happens on a small number of them.

People affected by the issue will find that their handsets tend simply to shut themselves off for no reason and without warning. The problem appears to be related to an issue with the batteries in those phones.

The replacement programme is only available for some devices, and is limited to handsets that were made between September and October last year. To find out if your handset is affected, you can take it into the Apple Store where staff will check its serial number to see whether it qualifies.

As with any trip to the Apple Store, the company advises that people back up their data and erase their settings before they head in.

It also makes clear that phones that have the powering down issue but also have other problems like a cracked screen won’t be allowed as part of the replacement.

The company also makes clear that unexpected shutdowns on phones made at a different time won’t necessarily qualify for a replacement. But people who have paid out for a replacement battery on a phone that would be part of the recall will be able to get that cost refunded.