A mock-up of the new iPhone, alongside the existing colours / shoplemonde.de

New handset will match the colour of the £13,500 Apple Watch — though probably won’t cost quite as much

Apple is to release the next iPhone in a pink “Rose Gold” colour, alongside the usual three colours.

Rather than the hot pink that had been shown in supposedly leaked pictures recently, the colour is a rose gold — giving the gold iPhone a tint, rather than the bright colours of the iPhone 5C.

The colour will match the rose gold Apple Watch, according to reports. But unlike the smartwatch, it will be made of coloured aluminium— rather than the 18-karat gold that means the rose gold Apple Watches can cost up to £13,500.

The rose gold Apple Watch, which will match the new iPhone's colour — but not the price

It will have a white front glass, like the gold and silver iPhones, and not the black that is on the space grey models.

Since the phones will not otherwise change externally, with Apple instead upgrading the internal parts, the rose gold phones will be the only ones that are clearly this year’s rather than last year’s model.

The pink phone follows the introduction of a gold-coloured handset with the iPhone 5S.

Apple will continue to use its strengthened glass, which it refers to as “Ion-X glass”, in the new phones. It had been rumoured to be bringing the same sapphire glass that is found in the more expensive Apple Watches to the phone, according to reports.

The company is bringing other features found in the Apple Watch to the new iPhone, however. Perhaps its biggest new feature will be the addition of Force Touch — the company’s pressure-sensitive screen technology, which was first released in the smartwatch and has already been brought to the company’s laptops.

The new phone will be launched at an event on September 9.