Lead video game designer defends sequels

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The lead designer of one of video gaming's most anticipated games has defended the number of sequels being made.

Richard Lemarchand has likened the production of sequels to Alfred Hitchcock films, saying developers learn how to refine their techniques to further the art of making games.

Lemarchand is awaiting the release of his new game, Uncharted 3, which is being released into a game schedule packed with sequels including the next Call of Duty, FIFA 12 and Batman: Arkham City.

"Hitchcock's films are separate from each other but in their techniques they are effectively sequels," he said.

"The subject matter and techniques he used allowed him to hone his film making and create new approaches to his films."

The number of sequels in gaming - and indeed film - are often criticised with some labelling them as lazy cash-ins.

But Lemarchand says it makes sense for games developers to produce sequels.

"I would also say it's like a theatre company which understands its genre and become specialists in a certain area. It allows them to perform with greater confidence."

Lemarchand was talking at the GameCity festival in Nottingham which got underway yesterday. Uncharted 3 is due to be released on 3 November.