LinkedIn is reducing the number of emails it sends to users / REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

The professional network says it has already cut four out of 10 emails it sends to users

LinkedIn has listened to user complaints about the frequency of its notifications and has promised to cut down on the number of emails it sends to users.

In a blog post entitled “Less is more,” a spokesperson for the network said: “Many of you have told us that you receive too many emails from LinkedIn. We’re also not immune to the late night talk show host jokes. We get it.”

The spokesperson explained that LinkedIn has already begun implementing changes that means for every 10 emails it used to send to people, it has cut out four of them.

This has led to users’ complaints being cut in half, they claimed.


Now, people who were receiving too many emails to connect will be sent a single weekly digest email instead of several individual messages, while the updates posted in LinkedIn Groups are being aggregated to single emails.

“When it comes to your inbox, the message has been received,” the spokesperson said, adding that users can also change the frequency of their emails in their personal settings.