Livescribe: a smartpen that instantly converts handwriting into digital notes

Free Livescribe+ app fully integrates handwritten notes into mobile lifestyle

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US technology firm Livescribe has announced its latest smartpen, the Livescribe 3, which instantly converts your handwritten notes into digital text.

Paired with the necessary accompanying products – a specially designed Livescribe notepad, the free Livescribe+ app and an iOS mobile device – Livescribe are looking to fully integrate handwritten notes into the mobile lifestyle.

As the notes are handwritten, an infrared camera on the pen tracks the notes and instantly transfers them on to a Bluetooth-connected mobile device – the necessary app is only available for iOS devices as far, but an Android app is reportedly in the pipeline.

Once the notes are on your device, the real integration begins. With just one swipe on the screen, imported handwritten notes can be converted into uniform digital text. From there, your notes can be transferred into a number of different apps, either creating reminders, dates in your calendar or even emails to friends and colleagues.

The Livescribe+ app also employs the chosen device’s microphone to record audio as you’re writing. Your writing is synced up to whatever audio was being recorded at that time, meaning you can play back something that you might have missed earlier.

Livescribe claim that the pen’s lithium ion battery can last for up to 14 hours, and the app shouldn’t drain your mobile’s battery life too dramatically. And even if your smartpen is “dead”, it can still be used as a good old-fashioned pen to just write things down on paper – once it’s recharged and connected back to the app, the notes will automatically import themselves.

The Livescribe 3 is set for release in November, with prices starting at $149.95 (£93). This price also includes a Livescribe Starter notepad (50 sheets), an ink cartridge and a USB charging cable.