Man builds James Bond laser watch, following web shooter and Wolverine claw success

Fresh from re-creating Spider-Man’s web shooter and Wolverine’s claws, man makes laser watch that can burn objects from meters away

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Smart watches might be all the rage — but one German YouTuber has made one that could do something very stupid, recreating James Bond’s laser watch and using it to burn items from meters away.

The watch was made at home by Patrick Priebe, in homage to the gadget in James Bond film Never Say Never Again, which was released in 1983. Priebe has previously recreated Wolverine’s claws and a Spider-Man web shooter.

Priebe said that he had previously thought he’d never make such a watch, but many of his fans had requested it and he had changed his mind.

The laser, which appears to be able to destroy balloons and light matches from meters away, looks dangerously close to the user’s hand.

But it does show the time — “time for laser fun,” as Priebe says in the video, though says that it’s a little bulky to be worn regularly. The laser can also only be used for a short period because of the small size of the battery, he said.

Priebe said that if he were to sell the watch, as he suggests he might in the post, he wasn’t sure how much it would sell for, but expected it would be more than $300. He said also that he wasn’t sure how he could do so, given that the power of the laser likely makes it illegal to sell through most channels.