Gamers don’t help themselves, do they? It’s well known that we here at Trending love eating pizza as much as we enjoy playing some digital slice of entertainment, but we try not to have a combo of the two, lest we unwittingly stereotype ourselves.

That may become a little harder, however, as the good bods at Microsoft have taken things to another level and allowed a Pizza Hut app to appear on its Xbox 360 console.

Now gamers can order a full meal with sides and drinks without having to put down the joypad. OK, we lie – you can put it down and flail your arms because the app is also compatible with the hands-free Kinect controller, but that require’s effort of Minority Report proportions. The app is available in the US now and will no doubt be heading to the UK soon. Stuffed crust for us please and some garlic bread... for our avatar, of course.