New TfL websites focused on "responsive design"

New user-interface goes into beta over next few weeks, full launch to come at end of summer

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TfL have announced a re-haul of their website for mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

Despite receiving more than 250 million visits annually the current website has not been changed since 2007, and is often seen as slow and inconvenient to use.

The redesign will go into beta over the next few weeks as TfL designers gather feedback from users. The app is expected to launch some time at the end of summer.

New features include a “nearby” button for mobiles that finds the closest transport options; a new bike option for planned travel; the integration of the popular Journey Planner with Google Maps and Street View for easier navigation, and an overall visual makeover focused on “responsive design.”

TfL say the new set of sites will improve how users travel around London, though attracting more people to the site will have its own benefits. The website currently makes up to £1m a year from advertising, and a more user-friendly site will mean more people to advertise to.