The Manfrotto Klyp


Whether it's snapping pictures of your unsuspecting mates skanking on a sweaty club's dancefloor, sharing your holiday snaps in an instant or uploading pictures to that slightly obsessive blog you update just that little too often, camera phones have changed the way we take pictures. But what if you want your amateur snaps to look that little bit more professional?

You could invest in a proper D-SLR and take some photography classes, or you could spend just under £25 and buy a Klyp. New from Manfrotto, the camera tripod and flash manufacturer of choice among the world's top photographers and paps, it's a clip system for your iPhone that lets you attach a tripod and flash to turn your naff snaps into photos you can be proud of. This seems like a great idea, especially when most new smartphones have lenses that will make two- or three-year-old compacts blush, but it won't turn you into Mario Testino overnight. And remember – the great thing about using your smartphone as a camera is that you've always got it with you and it fits in your pocket with ease. I'm not sure you can say that when you've clipped on your Klyp. If in doubt you can always stick a sepia tint on it I suppose. From £24.95,