Russian webcam hacker uses Insecam site to look for job

Programmer’s plea for job comes as researcher claims to have exposed man behind site

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Opportunities for hackers that snoop unwanted into people’s homes seem to be few and far between. The programmer who created the Insecam website that last week was revealed to have been broadcasting feeds from CCTV cameras and baby monitors is now using the site to look for a job.

The news comes as one German internet researcher claimed to have found the identity of the site’s administrator.

The Russian site, which no longer hosts any feeds, now just displays the request for a job. “Programmer is looking for a good remote job,” the site says, before listing a number of programming languages and other skills, and giving an email address.

The website was last week revealed to be showing footage from inside UK homes and businesses. It said that it hadn’t hacked the cameras but simply opened feeds that hadn’t changed their logins and passwords from the defaults.

UK watchdogs and police were unable to take down the fed, which is hosted in Russia. But the site no longer hosts any feeds, with the page being made up of some of the detritus from the old website, as well as the advert.

A German researcher said at the weekend that he had tracked IDs associated with the site to the webcam snooper, which he had since passed on to authorities. The researcher, identified by Twitter handle @Tactic4l, said that the programmer was Moldovan and that he had tracked him down to scrutinise the claims that Insecam was set up to alert people to weak camera security.