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Linux-powered guns allow for easy livestreaming of kills

Guns are getting wifi — the latest and deadliest kit to join the “internet of things”.

The new guns from TrackingPoint have the option to livestream the scope’s picture — an improvement from previous models that could only save the files locally to be uploaded later. The built-in wifi allows the gun to connect to a smartphone, and the guns themselves are powered by the Linux operating system.

In doing so, guns are becoming the latest in a trend of putting wifi in unexpected devices — which has also included baby bottles, bikes and washing machines.

The TrackingPoint guns are otherwise standard and precise killing machines, according to ArsTechnica. The new “Mile Maker” is in prototype at the moment, and fires .338 bullets over a range of about 1800 yards.

It has different rounds and a longer barrel along with the newly updated software and internet capabilities.

Versions of the guns cost more than $40,000 (£26,500).