Snapchat is fastest growing app, as well as the new Facebook Messenger and Instagram

Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram are catching young and growing audiences as teenagers become bored with Facebook, according to a new report.

Tumblr, the fastest growing social site, saw a 120% increase in active users in the last six months, according to GlobalWebIndex's (GWI) Social Summary report. That was followed by Pinterest and Instagram, which together led the growth in active users over the last months.

And Snapchat is the fastest growing app, with usage up 56% since the start of 2014. Facebook Messenger and Instagram have both seen rises of around 50% over the last year.

Facebook is the only social network that has seen a drop in active use among 16-24 year olds in 2014, with two-thirds of the youngest part of that group saying that they were using Facebook less.

Those users aren’t leaving Facebook, for the most part, but just opting not to actively engage with the site. While the fall in active use was only 0.5%, every other site (even Google+) grew substantially during that period.

Around 37% of people, and 50% of teenagers, said that they’re bored of Facebook. A similar amount of people sad that they were not as interested in Facebook or other social networks as they used to be, and that it had got less cool.

Some 15% of teenagers said that they were using Facebook less because their parents are using it.

But Facebook remains by far the most widely-used site, with more than 40% of people in the survey actively using the site, nearly twice that of the next most popular site, YouTube.