The £7,000 curved television that lets viewers watch different programs simultaneously

The Samsung S9C is the first to go on the market in the UK equipped with Multi View technology.

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A new curved television screen with OLED technology is the first to allow viewers to view different programmes simultaneously.

The 55-inch Samsung S9C television, on sale now, is the first to go on the market in the UK with a curved screen, with the concave horizontal inclination said to make for a unique viewing experience.

But it doesn't come cheap, with a retail price of £6,999.

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology is said to produce richer colours, truer blacks, and more pronounced contrast.

In what could been seen as an example of technology surpassing human evolution, the television's blur-free viewing experience has to be described as "virtually" so, as the brain will alway associate a degree of blur with fast movement.

The technology has been hailed as the next big thing in flatscreen televisions for some time now, but has been, until recently, hampered by production issues.

The television is the first to come with Multi View, which allows two people to view different things on the same screen by wearing glasses, with in-built earbuds. In an advancement that could do away with many a family argument, one viewer can watch television, while another plays a videogame on the same screen, both in full HD.