Users that are being tracked will be alerted through an in-app notification. / PA

User says problem could have come from fact Twitter servers thought it was 2015

Twitter users couldn’t get onto the social networking site last night, the second outage in as many days, as a result of a problem that could have been caused by Twitter’s servers being set to the wrong date.

Some users, especially those on Twitter’s Android app, were unable to use the service. Others reported seeing tweets from a year ago.

While it’s unclear what caused the error, one Twitter user looked into the login process and found that Twitter’s server seemed to think the date was December 29, 2015.

Twitter acknowledged the issue in a post on its Status blog last night. The issue “was due to a bug in our front end code, which has been patched”, the company said, and apologised for the problems.

The site and apps seemed to be working this morning.

Many users were locked out of Twitter on Saturday, too, with tweets not showing up on feeds or the site failing to load at all.