New tool allows ordinary users to track how well each individual tweet performs

Twitter has opened up its Analytics platform to the public, allowing ordinary users to track in detail how their tweets are performing.

Analytics have previously only be available to advertising partners – counting how often links are clicked, and totting up exactly how many Retweets, Favourites, and Replies each tweet receives.

To access the statistics users must click on the Twitter Ads dashboard and select the ‘Analytic’ tab. Users can also sort by “Best, Good or All” for a quickly tabulated ranking of their Twitter feed.

Now individuals, as well as international conglomerates, can worry in minute detail about their social reach on the site. Users can even download a CSV file of their data.

The move seems part of Twitter’s drive to monetize their service. The advertising dashboard that contains the Analytics data is usually of interest only to large businesses, interested in paying to display their tweets to a targeted audience.

Opening up the service to all and sundry encourages smaller-profile users to consider their reach online and perhaps pay for Twitter’s services. As well as creating new streams of revenue, Analytics-for-all might strengthen Twitter’s profile as a ‘horizontal’ platform, allowing for more equal voices for users of all sizes.