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The feature appears to be live in locations that have lots of tech jobs already

A secret challenge hidden in the Uber app lets people try and pass a test for a job.

The “Code on the Road” feature pops up in journeys and offers people the chance to “flex [their] hacker skills”. If a user passes the challenge, then the option to apply for a job will appear.

The feature appears to be showing to many people who do code. But that seems to be because it is getting turned on in locations that have many tech jobs, rather than mining people’s information to find out what they do.

The company confirmed to Business Insider that it was using the feature as a way of finding new engineers for its team.

"We are always looking for new ways to reach potential candidates that want to join our team and help us solve interesting problems. If you're in a place where a lot of people work in tech, you may see our 'Code on the Road' challenge within the rider app," a spokesperson said. "The option to play gives interested riders the opportunity to show us their skills in a fun and different way — whether they code on the side or are pursuing a career as a developer."

The game offers three coding challenges to riders. If they complete them all, they can send their information to Uber, and the company will get in touch about applying for a job.