Snooper's charter gives tax authorities and immigration officers power to hack into people's phones and computers

The draft Investigatory Powers Bill hands out sweeping powers for 'interference' — or hacking — to a huge range of public bodies

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Tax and immigration officers will be allowed to hack into people's phones when the UK's new spying laws are passed.

The draft Investigatory Powers Bill hands over huge new powers to public bodies, allowing a range of them to engage in "equipment interference", or hacking.

As well as police forces, those new powers are granted to tax authorities at Revenue and Customs, and immigration officers. It also includes customs officials and the chair of the Competition and Markets Authority, a Government body that is meant to stop anti-competitive behaviour.

The full list also includes all major police forces, including the British Transport Police and the various military police forces.

The proposals also hand over the power to many police forces that allow them to see people's entire internet browsing history.