Video: Flappy Bird's final levels


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Thought you'd agonised enough trying to get past the 25th level?

How would you feel having spent hours and hours getting so close to the end end, only to fail at the last hurdle.

If you can watch this video by pipocaVFX without feeling a tinge of pain mixed in with sympathy, you probably haven't played the game that people have been obsessing over for the last few weeks.

The video, which was posted on 15 February and has already amassed 1,823,281 views on YouTube, created by Filipe Costa, from Brazil - according to his Twitter profile - imagines what the advanced levels of the game could look like.

Inspired by the Super Mario franchise, Costa's version of the 900+ levels includes moving pipes, 'Piranha' plants hoping to chomp your dreams of ever reaching the end, and a fire Mario popping out of the last, 1000th pipe - gold to mark the occasion.

Flappy Bird, which was launched to the app store mid-2013, only gained popularity several weeks ago; coined the latest game obsession, it was taken down from the App Store and Good Play, many alternatives to the game have already popped up, hoping to replace it in the heart of users.

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