The 1800kg Mantis looks eerie in a dystopian setting


If you're arachnophobic, this new dystopian-looking invention may not quite be your cup of tea.

Engineers have unveiled a new gigantic robotic all-terrain hexapod. It may look like something out of a film, but the 'Mantis' is definitely real. The terrifying nine foot tall invention is the brainchild of Matt Denton, founder of Micromagic Systems - and it's been four years in the making.

Its six legs are powered by hydraulics, it carries a 2.2 litre Turbo Diesel-powered engine, and it can be piloted on-board or via a remote wi-fi link.

The company has worked on hexapods before, providing for films and television series, but, as the creator explains on the website, "weighing in at 1800kg, this is definitely the largest hexapod I have built so far!"