Weekly international iPhone apps: Catch The Egg, Ski Jump Lite

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Catch The Egg and Ski Jump Lite are the most popularly downloaded free iPhone applications for the week of February 22.

The top free application by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on February 22:

1. US
Catch The Egg (games)

Catch The Egg players try to lock their agile hands around fragile eggs that plummet from the sky in this accelerometer-controlled game. Tilting the iPhone screen to the sky, players judge the speed and the direction they should move their iPhone in order to guide the slippery egg into their hands. Once the egg is close enough for them to catch it, players shake their device to gently "grab" it. Users need a lot of space around them in order to be successful.

2. UK
Ski Jump Lite (games)

Ski Jump Lite is a fun application for those who want to get into the spirit of the Winter Olympics. Players press an onscreen button to start their contestant down a large ramp, letting go when they want him to jump. Once in the air, the skier's jump is controlled by tilting the device left or right. Careful attention must be paid to the skier's landing or the jump will be disqualified and the score won't count.

3. France
FaceFighter (games)

FaceFighter is a beat-‘em-up game with a twist. The real enjoyment comes when you load and superimpose an image of your friend (or foe) into the game while they look on (unbeknownst to him). As you beat your familiar-looking opponent to a pulp on FaceFighter you will see realistic-looking black eyes, broken noses, bruises and cracked teeth appear on their face. Hilarious for those with a quick punching finger and friends with a sense of humor.

4. Canada
Catch The Egg (games)

See "Catch The Egg."

5. Germany
Catch The Egg (games)

See "Catch The Egg."

6. Australia
Ski Jump Lite (games)

See "Ski Jump Lite."

7. Japan
Catch The Egg (games)

See "Catch The Egg."

8. Italy
MyRazor Lite (entertainment)

There truly is an iPhone application for everything - including a virtual shaver. MyRazor Lite simulates the sounds you would hear when using an electric shaver as you rub your phone along a hairy area of your body. The shaving sounds change as you navigate over curves, bumps and rough-patches of your skin. One of the weirder and less useful applications around.

9. China
A ?????(games)

A ????? or "A Flower Chain Free" in English is a flower-popping game designed for girls. Players use their fingers to tap on one or more of the flowers that float around the screen. Touching different colored flowers will earn you different points. When touched, the flowers grow bigger and react with the other flowers around them to cause a chain reaction. The more chain reactions a player can cause, the more points she will earn.

10. Netherlands
IMDb (entertainment)

From the world's largest online database of movie, TV and celebrity information comes an iPhone application that will help put you in touch with the world of movies. The application features information about more than 1.5 million movie and TV shows - from the list of actors, to detailed plot information, video clips of official trailers, user reviews and related trivia, the application is your one-stop guide to the film industry. Users in the US can use the app to find local showtimes and TV listings while international users can explore top-rated moves of all time, view critics' movie reviews, search the charts for the most popular movies by genre and shop (Amazon.com) for DVDs and BluRays of their favorite flicks.

(*The countries listed are those markets in which the most iPhones and iPod Touches have been sold worldwide. The list of top ten countries is based on AdMob's November 2009 estimate of the worldwide iPhone and iPod touch User Distribution)