Weekly top iPhone apps: advanced DJing and music-making applications

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Five applications that will help you get the dance floor moving to your own sounds.

Touch DJ 2
Touch DJ 2 is a feature-rich visual mixing DJing application for the iPhone. Users can upload their own tracks into the application where they are converted into waveforms. DJs can match the peaks in the waveforms to seamlessly beatmix two tracks together. The application also enables budding and professional DJs to loop tracks, increase or decrease pitch, add effects, and scratch.
Price: $19.99

Jasuto Pro modular synthesizer
Jasuto is a modular synthesizer for the iPhone that helps you create your own beats, sounds and effects on the iPhone. The app combines a full featured sampler with iPhone-based music recording and editing software. The program offers a diverse set of music composition tools that can be intuitively edited from within the app. Jasuto Pro modular synthesizer is a complex and technical program that is best suited to experienced music makers who have worked with synths before.
Price: $4.99

ProLoop is a multi track loop player and editor for the iPhone that can be used as a live instrument during performances. Users can upload their own samples via the internet or play around with the pre-existing loops that come with the app. Features include the ability to play up to six different loops simultaneously, real-time controls, volume and pitch control, a range of different effects and the ability to automatically sync loops with a masterloop.
Price: $4.99

Argon - Synth
Argon is another synth in your pocket app that can be used for live performances. The app comes with a built-in mini keyboard, which makes it a little easier to use for those with no synthesizer experience. The app comes with two types of oscillators, a step sequencer, loop recorder, filter and an AMP. New features include loop recording during playback and the ability to export your musical creations to your computer.
Price: $1.99

TouchOSC is an iPhone Open Sound Control application that lets you remotely control OSC protocol software and hardware. Users can remotely trigger and manipulate faders, rotary controls, push buttons, toggle buttons, XY pads, LEDs and labels using the touch-sensitive controller pads, dials and data from the iPhone's on-board accelerometer.
Price: $4.99