Wii users given worldwide game demo trial

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Nintendo has extended the trial of its Wii demo scheme to users of their online WiiWare stores until January 31, 2010 after experiencing success with it in Japan. Previously, DS users had access to some game demos via the Wii's online Nintendo Channel, but such a service had not been extended to the Wii itself.

The first in the Bit.Trip series, Bit.Trip Beat, has its first level available for download and is the first of the three universally available demos. The game comes across as a beguiling crossover between paddle game Pong, a side scrolling version of Space Invaders, a digital rainbow, and a computerized spin cycle. This heady mix made reviewers and players sit up and take notice, and anyone who hasn't yet tried it out can now do so for free.

Part of the tower defense game Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord is the second demo. It's the tower defense genre with a difference - firstly, it's Final Fantasy, so there is plenty of convoluted dialogue whether necessary or not, and secondly, the game is seen side-on within just one tower rather than the usual bird's eye view coupled with masses of catapult-like weapons, which is an interesting twist.

NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits sees the winged heroine Nyx float and fly around Greek architecture and mythology. As a full release it was compared to recent favorites such as Lost Winds, another WiiWare title that made good use of motion controls, and Braid, a critically acclaimed Xbox Live puzzle game from 2008. The whole of the first level is included in the demo, which should give players a good idea about whether they'd enjoy the rest of it.

Full versions of these games and others are available from the WiiWare store, accessible from the menu of any Nintendo Wii with an internet connection.