PC download charts: Sales boost for 'Civilization V' and 'Dragon Age: Origins'

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Revivals for Civilization V and Dragon Age: Origins see them top retailers' charts in this week's collection of top five download games.

The newest game to appear is in fact Civilization V, as its Apple Mac version was released as recently as November 23.

The Windows PC version was out in September 2010, while Fallout: New Vegas made its debut in October of this year.

Dragon Age: Origins first hit computers and consoles in November 2009, but it's October 2010's Ultimate Edition that registers here. It corrals the game together with all the extra quest packs released in the year since.

The oldest game in the charts is 1999's Planescape: Torment, a title which is still known as one of the best examples of storytelling in video games.

Outside of Good Old Games' specialized chart, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic would have to be considered the eldest entry.

It came out in 2003 and is considered to be one of the top Star Wars games, keeping company with Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader on the GameCube (and compatible with the Wii) and the LEGO Star Wars series.

With that being the case, 2011's online Star Wars: The Old Republic has a lot to live up to.

Steam (steampowered.com - general gaming and own label)
1) Civilization V
2) Counter-Strike: Source
3) Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition
4) Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Gold Edition
5) Borderlands

Good Old Games (gog.com - classics)
1) Baldur's Gate 2 Complete
2) Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic
3) Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Edition
4) Icewind Dale 2 Complete
5) Planescape: Torment

GamersGate (gamersgate.com - general gaming and own label)
1) Hearts of Iron III
2) Alpha Protocol
3) Medieval 2 Total War Gold Edition
4) Crusader Kings Complete
5) Arsenal of Democracy

Impulse (impulsedriven.com - strategy specialists)
1) Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition
2) Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity
3) Resident Evil 5
4) Galactic Civilizations II - Ultimate Edition
5) Elemental: War of Magic

Direct2Drive (direct2drive.com - general gaming)
1) Civilization V
2) Fallout: New Vegas
3) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
4) Rome: Total War Gold Edition
5) Bully: Scholarship Edition

Data collected November 29
Steam chart based on revenue, not units.