Audiovisual feast Child of Eden, the PS3 and Xbox 360 sequel to Dreamcast classic Rez, recieved its June release dates during the week March 12-18, while guitar tutor Rocksmith and Back to the Future's second episode were among other titles detailing their debuts a little further.

Housemarque, the studio behind Super Stardust HD and Dead Nation are promising Outlander's stylized platforming japes by mid-May.

PC gamers distraught by another delay pushing Star Wars: The Old Republic into the second half of the year can console themselves with the migration of hit retro RPG Cthulu Saves The World from the Xbox 360's Indie Games channel.

Back to the Future: Episode 2 (PS3 via download): March 29. Already on Mac and PC.
Child of Eden (360 PS3): Xbox 360 version June 14 in North America, June 17 Europe.
Cthulu Saves The World (PC): March - May. 360 download already available on Xbox Live Indie Games channel.
Dissidia Duodecim Prologus Final Fantasy (PSP download): Europe, March 23. North America, already out.
Mythos (PC, online): Paid retail version, April 26. Free online download, April 28.
Outland (360 PS3): PS3 version, late April to early May.
PlayStation Move Heroes (PS3 Move): Europe, March 25. North America, March 22.
Prey 2 (360 PC PS3): 2012
Rocksmith (360 PS3): September
Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC): After July 1
Wipeout: In The Zone (Xbox 360 Kinect): North America, Summer