Bargain-hunting website SavyGamer has awarded Amazon, Steam, and Gamestation wins for their achievements this year as highstreet, online, and digital retailers.

Gamestation was judged best overall highstreet retailer as part of the SavyGamer Awards 2010, clinching further sub-category wins for Best Shop Environment & Customer Service and Best Value thanks to its selection of used games.

Online store Amazon UK and digital download service Steam were also praised for their range, value, and service.

Steam, like other digital distributors, provides a way for Mac and PC gamers to purchase and then download games via the internet.

The site has become well known for its ease of use and regular sales throughout the year, especially during the November and December months. Valve, which owns and operates the Steam store, was named Best Publisher.

BioWare won the Best Developer for the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series, with honorable mentions for Platinum Games ( Bayonetta, Vanquish), Team Meat ( Super Meat Boy), Mojang Specifications ( Minecraft) and Gearbox ( Borderlands, Duke Nukem Forever).

Gamestation fared much better than parent company GAME who, along with The Hut Group and Activision, were deemed worst in their respective categories.

Visit SavyGamer to see the full list of winners and losers: