Spotify set to launch free ad-supported mobile streaming service

According to reports, the mobile platform is set to launch on December 11

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A free, ad-supported version of Spotify’s music-streaming service is set to launch on mobile this week, according to reports from the Wall Street Journal.

Previously, users wishing to stream music via Spotify on a mobile device had to pay a monthly £9.99 subscription fee for the privilege.

On laptops and desktops, however, the service was free, albeit with limited plays and regular advert interruptions. Now, Spotify is looking to replicate that service on mobile platforms.

Spotify, who recently revealed that it pays artists as little as $0.006 per song played, has reportedly been negotiating with the three major record labels – Sony, Warner and Universal – over the rates it will pay them to play their songs, as well as how much control users will have over what they listen to.

When the mobile tier is implemented, there will be a limited number of songs available on-demand to users. There will also be a service to offer listening suggestions based on the user’s input.

The free mobile version of Spotify was rumoured to launch at a recently announced press event on December 11 – a source has since apparently confirmed this to Tech Crunch.

This latest move by Spotify sees the Swedish firm looking to keep up with the competition, such as Apple’s iTunes Radio, Google’s All Access and a number of others.

It could also be suggested that, by offering a free but limited mobile service, Spotify is looking to eventually turn its users onto the paid, unlimited service.