Tech blog rumor round up: 7” iPad, CDMA iPhone, Apple TV, RIM tablet, HTC WP7

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Rumors are flying around the tech blogs on August 9: Apple is apparently putting the final touches on a CDMA version of its iPhone 4, RIM is thought to be working on a BlackBerry tablet and HTC might just have a Windows Phone 7 phone in the making.

RIM's BlackPad tablet
Chinese-language blog Apple Daily has said that Research In Motion (RIM) is well on its way to releasing a tablet PC this year. According to Digitimes' interpretation of the Chinese-language blog post, the tablet (dubbed "BlackPad") will be launched in November and will support both WiFi and Bluetooth. It will also be able to connect to the net using a BlackBerry phone's 3G connection. The device will be manufactured by Quanta Computer and should be priced at around $499.

7" Apple iPad
Digitimes was also the source of another rumor about a 7-inch iPad. If you believe the hype, the device will ship with a Cortex-A9 processor and an IPS (in-plane switching) display with a resolution of 1024x768. Apple will also upgrade its current 9.7-inch iPad in the first quarter of 2011 with "a new ARM Cortex-A9-based processor and 512MB RAM," said Digitimes.
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CDMA iPhone
As for a CDMA iPhone (the current iPhone is based on the GSM network), Digitimes says it will arrive on the USA's Verizon network in January 2011 and will have a metal back plate and integrated antenna. Techcrunch believes that while this rumor has been circling for years, "this time looks to be different due to some key dynamics in the semiconductor value chain, and I am going to go on record to say Verizon will be selling an iPhone this coming January."
Pictures of the rumored device can be viewed here:

Apple TV
Apple is apparently working on transforming its "hobby" set top box into a valuable TV addition with its next refresh. Again, Digitimes senior analyst Mingchi Kuo is the bearer of the news, and he says the next edition of Apple TV "will not include a hard drive. The new device will adopt a user interface similar to the iPhone with support for social networking websites, network multimedia and the App Store. Mass production of the device will start in December."

HTC Windows 7 Phone
Boy Genius Report has spotted a video of a Windows 7 phone floating around the web. The device, thought to be called the HTC "Schubert," is crafted out of a single sheet of aluminum and looks similar to Google's Nexus One. Italian blog believes it will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and should start shipping later this year.
A video of the device in action can be seen here:

Computerworld has compiled an additional list of "What's coming next from Apple" here: