The most popular iPhone news applications

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News applications from traditional media companies are among the most downloaded iPhone applications found in Apple's App Store.

Applications that automatically aggregate relevant news articles are also becoming a popular choice for the media-hungry generation of "screenagers" who want to be able to see news from a wider range of sources.

Some traditional news media companies have thrived in the digital arena, discovering new and inventive ways to promote their content. Companies like the New York Times, NPR News, Mashable!, Yahoo!, USA Today, ABC News and the have some of the most popularly downloaded free mobile phone news applications in Apple's App Store.

CNN Mobile,, Wash Post, Newsweek Mobile top Apple's Paid News Application list and float amongst a sea of news aggregation applications - applications that consumers purchase to filter their news from various sources - and police radio eavesdropping apps.

The top 10 free news applications in the US App Store recorded on March 23:

1. NYTimes
2. NPR News
3. Yahoo!
4. Mashable!
7. ABC News
9. Fluent News Reader

The top 10 paid news applications in the US App Store recorded on March 23:

1. CNN ($1.99)
2. Proud Republican ($0.99)
3. ($1.99)
4. Wash Post ($1.99)
5. Drudge Report ($0.99)
6. 5-0 Radio: Police, Airport, Fire, EMS scanner ($0.99)
7. Police Radio ($0.99)
8. HiDef Radio ($1.99)
9. News Addict (On Sale) ($0.99)
10. NEWSWEEK Mobile ($1.99)