Titanfall makes clean sweep of E3's Game Critics Awards - wins 6 prizes

Awards inlcuded Best Original Game, Best Action Game, and Best of Show.

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Titanfall, the mech-based combat game, has had an amazing run of success at E3’s Game Critics Awards, winning in 6 categories including Best Original Game, Best Action Game and Best of Show. No other title won in more than a single category and no game has won as many awards before.

Created by Respawn Entertainment - a games studio founded by Infinity Ward employees who were fired from Activision - Titanfall also won Best Console Game, Best PC Game, and Best Online Multiplayer.

Gameplay for Titanfall has been described as a cat and mouse game between pilots and mechs. The latter have the heavy artillery but are slow moving, whilst the former use jet-packs to bounce around the map, hoping to wear down their mechanical opponents.

Pilots can also summon their mech (though apparently Titanfall employees prefer that they’re referred to as exoskeletons) at any time from orbiting dropships, and with some terrain suited for humans and some best exploited by machines, players will want to switch regularly.

Other winners at the awards included Tearaway for the PS Vita, which won Best Handheld/Mobile Game; the Oculus Rift, which won the award for Best Hardware/Peripheral; and Total War: Rome II, which took home the gong for Best Strategy Game. Click here to see the full list, or see below for gameplay footage from the award-winning Titanfall.