Twitter launches developer site as it reaches 1 million apps milestone

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There are now more than one million registered third-party applications on Twitter, built by 750,000 developers worldwide.

The site has added a new app to its ecosystem every 1.5 seconds, rapidly growing from the 150,000 apps on the site in 2010 to the more than 1 million available today.

"Apps help people understand and make the most of Twitter, whether they're on the web, on mobile, and even watching television," said Twitter in a July 11 blog post announcing its achievement.

Examples of how third-party apps are enriching the online microblogging site include Trendrr and its tweet sentiment measurement, Poptweets and its iPhone trivia game "that challenges players to match Tweets with the famous people who said them," and Mass Relevance's real-time content curation and visualization, which "combed through more than 160,000 Tweets to bring the White House's first Twitter Town Hall to life."

Twitter's new developer site connects developers with Twitter team members, enhances communication between app developers, and provides improved reference material and documentation.