US online video viewing sessions reach all time high

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Online viewing sessions in the US reached an online high of 6.9 billion throughout August 2011, according to a report released September 22 by online digital analysts comScore.

The findings of the latest monthly "US Online Video Rankings" released by comScore on September 22 found that throughout the month of August US online video viewing sessions, defined as the total number of videos watched by unique users, reached an all time high of 6.9 billion.

The exact number of online viewing sessions in the US in August was 6,908,009,000, up 21,814,000 from the 6,886,195,000 online viewing sessions recorded by comScore in July.  

The comScore report shows that the majority of this record number of online viewing sessions can be attributed to Google-owned video content properties - most likely YouTube; VEVO, Microsoft and Viacom Digital-owned video content sites were also popular.

Online analysts Experian Hitwise frequently rank YouTube as one of the most popular websites around the world, and an August 1 report by Nielsen found that 27 percent of Americans who watch video content do so online.