Use Facebook to get your foot in the door at your friend’s workplace

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In The Door is a new startup that's pairing up job seekers with jobs at their friend's workplaces.

CEO and founder Liz Carlson came up with the idea for a "job search for the Facebook generation" after seeing one of her friends nab a job at Google with the help of a recommendation from one of their mutual friends while her job applications were getting rejected.

"Instead of just seeing a long list of unqualified jobs, why don't we start by showing companies where you have an inside connection?" said Carlson to technology blog Mashable.

For the moment In The Door matches your Facebook friends' workplaces with available job listings found on on third-party websites. It then formulates a list of available jobs by location, and/or company and tells you which friend(s) to hit up for an introduction.

In the future Carlson hopes to make In The Door more useful by accepting applications and recommendations directly on the site.

Carlson also plans to expand the service, making it possible for Facebook users to find jobs through friends of friends on Facebook.

"Users will be able to explore second degree connections," explained Carlson to Mashable.

Many digital savvy users turned to social networking sites to find a job after they found themselves unemployed in the global economic crisis.

Professional networking site LinkedIn was traditionally the online go-to job networking place, but social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are playing an increasing part in online job searches in the digital age.

In the last 30 days Twitter job notification company posted more than 1.5 million job tweets while rival Twitter "job search engine" posted close to 1 million new jobs on the microblogging site.