Vevo, Warner Music, Machinima top US YouTube channels

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Vevo, Warner Music and Machinima are the three most popular YouTube partner channels in the United States, according to a rankings released September 22 by digital market analysts comScore. 

The "Comscore YouTube Partner Reporting" rankings are the first of a regular series of comparative analyses of YouTube partner channels to be released by the company.  

According to the report, 180 million internet users in the United States watched online video content throughout August 2011.

The most popular YouTube partner channel in the United States, with 60.6 million of the 180 million unique viewers, was VEVO; Warner Music took second place with 30.9 million unique viewers, and gaming channel Machinima came in third place with 17.7 million viewers.  

Data from social media monitoring company shows that the five YouTube channels with the largest number of subscribers, worldwide, are RayWilliamJohnson, nigahiga, Smosh, Machinima and Shane Dawson TV; all of these channels originate in the US, and with the exception of Machinima all are in the category of Comedy.  

In terms of unique viewers in the United States, throughout August 2011 the top ten most popular YouTube partner channels, according to comScore, were:

01.   Vevo @YouTube  (60,558 unique viewers)
02.   Warner Music @YouTube (30,929 unique viewers)
03.   Machinima @YouTube (17,679 unique viewers)
04.   Maker Studios @ YouTube (9,960 unique viewers)
05.   Demand Media @YouTube (8,385 unique viewers)
06.   Revision3 @YouTube (6,563 unique viewers)
07.   Associated Press (AP) @ YouTube (5,696 unique viewers)
08.   Clewertv @ YouTube (5,445 unique viewers)
09.   FullScreen @YouTube (5,311 unique viewers)
10.   IGN @YouTube (5,096 unique viewers)