Weekly gaming videos: Kinect fail, weird horse racing

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The week's most watched gaming videos from around the world show us a Kinect game that's super-easy to beat, tutorials for StarCraft II and Defense of the Ancients, and a surreal horse racing site from Japan.

YouTube's number one gaming video is Kinect GEL Ride, in which uploader Geltonz finishes third on Kinect Joy Ride without moving a muscle. That said, the Xbox 360's Kinect sensor itself isn't doing badly at all - 2.5 million bought in the 25 days since its release.

The French-based Dailymotion has a clear and concise introduction to StarCraft II as its most watched gaming video. Further down, mobile hit Angry Birds is subject to mock UN Peace Talks.

In China, a tutorial for the free browser game Defense of the Ancients is in first, followed by a spoof World of Warcraft spell-spamming technique and a Panda-centric advert for Magic World Online 2.

Japan's Nicovideo is all about the horse racing game Japan World Cup 2. Place fictional bets on tap-dancing horses, shetland ponies, pantomime costumes, and elephants in disguise. The website is www.jra-jwc.jp, for those that want to see and play it for themselves.

YouTube's most watched gaming videos of the week
1) Kinect GEL Ride - 1,169,974 total views
2) Black Ops: 43-1 Team Deathmatch - 726,235 total views
3) Pagani vs Lamborghini: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit - 620,156 total views

Dailymotion's most watched gaming videos of the week
1) Millenium TV (StarCraft II) - 177,126 total views
2) Urban Rivals Trailer - 6,258,316 total views
3) Angry Brids Peace Treaty - 27,951 total views

Youku's most watched gaming videos of the week
1) Haitao teaches you how to play DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) - 527,142 total views
2) 4.0 Arcane rotation - facerolling the keyboard (World of Warcraft) - 390,141 total views
3) Magic World Online 2 advert: Violent Pandas - 298,210 total views

Nico Nico Douga's most watched gaming videos of the week ( free registration required)
1) Horse racing game: part 1 of 2 - chaos - 520,592 total views
2) Horse racing game: part 2 of 2 - chaos - 425,518 total views
3) Horse racing game chaos 2-8 - 387,013 total views

Data collected December 2.