Weekly iPad apps selection: the best tilt games

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You'll need to keep your hands steady and the ball moving or risk rolling off the edge in this week's selection of tilt games for the iPad.

Edge is a game that tests your reflexes, problem solving skills and visual judgement as you tilt your iPad to "roll" your cube through a series of mazes. This highly addictive game will have you tilting your way through 46 different levels and 18 unique game songs.
Price: $3.99

Labyrinth 2 HD
The second edition of Labyrinth is a maze-lovers dream. Players guide a metal ball through a series of complex mazes, avoiding obstacles (like cannons and lasers) and rolling over other game elements such as buttons to open doors and re-sizers to complete the level. Up to four players can compete over WiFi or Bluetooth and users can create and share their own levels with their friends.
Price: $9.99

Circuloid is a twist on the classic brick-breaker style of game. Players must break all the bricks on screen to pass through to the next level by bouncing their balls off paddles that circle the circumference of the playing area. The game features 54 levels and 10 different types of power-ups.
Price: $4.99

Little Metal Ball HD
Little Metal Ball HD is a full-tilt platform adventure game for the iPad. Players roll their way through 60 levels of illustrated puzzles and challenging labyrinths using the iPad's accelerometer to make sure they stay on track.
Price: $3.99

Tilt your ball through this dynamic labyrinth-pinball-styled board game, avoiding obstacles and bumping into neutral colored orbs to see if they change into the same color as your ball. Players race to find a matching orb before time runs out.
Price: $1.19