Combined sales of Sony's PSP beat Nintendo's DS offerings in Japan by a mere 1,211 units or a 3% margin during the week of March 8-14.

Sales of the PSP Go, which has no disc drive and plays digitally downloaded games only, remained just over 1,000, a familiar figure for the newest version of the PSP.

All forms of console hardware sold less than the previous week, though the PSP took the biggest hit after highs of 66,000, which were associated with the launch of the final .hack//Link game and the first in the series on PSP.

The PlayStation 2 was least affected, with only 14 less machines being bought than between March 1-7.

1) Sony PSP: 40,316
2) Nintendo DS: 39,105
3) Nintendo Wii: 31,460
4) PlayStation 3: 26,481
5) Xbox 360: 2,668
6) PlayStation 2: 1,825

Sony PSP sales breakdown
PSP: 39,125
PSP go: 1,191

Nintendo DS sales breakdown
DSi LL (aka XL): 21,604
DSi: 13,581
DS Lite: 3,920

Source: Media Create