This week's apps will help budding singers improve their voice and perfect their vocal performances.

Glee - Singers Wanted (No Talent Required)
Glee - Singers Wanted is a karaoke app loosely based on the hit musical-drama TV series Glee. Users sing along to the included backing tracks while the app records the performance for later playback or uploading to your social networks. The app has built-in auto-tune and three-part vocal harmonies, making almost any voice sound like a pro.
Price: $0.99

Voice Tutor
Voice Tutor is an app designed to help singers improve their voices. Singers are provided with virtual voice lessons that teach them how to master scales and riffs, improve vocal techniques and pronunciation. The app can also be used to help singers quickly and easily warm up their voices.
Price: $4.99

Sound Hound
Sound Hound is a music recognition engine. Users can sing, hum or play a tune and Sound Hound will instantly provide them with information about it such as the song name, artist name, song lyrics, and album title. The app will also provide previews of similar songs and artists, lists of Pandora internet radio stations playing this song and links to purchase the song on iTunes.
Price: $4.99

ImproVox turns your voice into an instrument that you can manipulate on the fly. The app uses a Kaoss pad-like interface to adjust sound effects like reverb, echo, stutter, cavern, bit crusher, auto-wah and flanger. The app also includes real-time pitch correction and up to five different four-part harmony styles. Users can record their voice and share and sync the recordings via iTunes.
Price: $7.99

StarMaker is an app for fame-hungry singers hoping to become their country's next "Idol." The karaoke-themed app combines singing with social networking, letting you record your own version of popular songs (purchased within the app) before sending them to your friends, family and social networks. Users can also create their own "rock star" personality by styling their photo with wigs, bling and musical instruments.
Price: free