When is Google’s birthday and why is the internet giant’s anniversary so complicated?

 September 27 marks Google’s 17th birthday – but it hasn’t always been celebrated on the same day 

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Google is celebrating its 17th birthday this year with a nostalgic Google Doodle filled with objects symbolic of the first days from when the company started. 

The doodle shows an old PC computer with the first Goolge homepage on its screen, a Linux penguin, a server covered in toy building blocks and a lava lamp.

In a blog explaining the doodle, Google has provided a number of pictures from the first days of the company to show the inspiration for the birthday image, including the “inside of Google’s first office, also known as Larry [Page] and Sergey [Brin]’s Stanford dorm rooms”.

“For our 17th birthday, we offer a glimpse into our humble beginnings, when branded hockey jerseys were cool and Savage Garden had a number one single" the blog post reads.

The date of Google’s birthday has changed over the years without much explanation. According to IBNLive, Google celebrated its birthday on 7 September – supposedly marking the day it became an incorporated company – until 2005.


But the company filed incorporation papers on 4 September 1998, though it has never used this date as its birthday, and since 2005 it has marked its birthday on 8 September, 26 September, and since 2012, 27 September.

“When is Google’s birthday? I’m not sure even we know,” wrote Doodle Team Lead Ryan Germick in 2013, adding: “Still, while there’s some differing opinions about when to bust out the candles and cake, one fun fact is that our first doodle was posted even before Google was officially incorporated (30 August, 1998 vs 4 September, 1998).