Find out who doesn't want to be your friend / Getty Images

Find out whether that person you think is ignoring is ignoring you 

Ever get the feeling that someone is ignoring you?

Maybe you met them at a party, talked for a long time about your shared love for Game of Thrones and thought you’d hit it off. 

So you go home and before you go to bed you send them a request on FB. It never gets accepted.

You go through all the usual excuses; perhaps they didn’t see it, perhaps they’re not a prolific user of Facebook or maybe they accidentally declined the invite and were too anxious to re-add you.


But there may be no need to fret over phantom Facebook adds anymore. Yes, there’s a way to see the friend requests you’ve sent that have been ignored. 

If you go to the Friend Request tab on your Facebook account and click "see all", it brings up a list of outstanding friend requests on your end and the list of suggested friends.


At the top, under the heading "Friend Requests" will be a hyperlink labelled "View sent requests".


Here you can see the requests that you’ve sent out which haven’t been responded to. Awkward.