YouTube grows, accounts for 1 in every 35 UK internet visits

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Video sharing site YouTube accounts for one in every 35 internet visits in the UK and nearly 23 percent of visits to all social networks in July, according to new research by market analysts Experian Hitwise.

Though Facebook remains the most popular social network, data from Experian Hitwise shows that video sharing site YouTube continues to grow in popularity.

Experian Hitwise's monthly study of UK internet habits, released on August 8, shows that in July YouTube accounted for 22.54 of all visits to social networking sites - representing an increase of 1.78 percent in June and 5.45 percent when compared to July 2010.  

The study also found that one in every 35 internet visits in the UK is to YouTube - a figure that reinforces its presence as the third most popular site behind Google and Facebook. While the site is home to innumerable cat videos and has recently begun streaming live broadcasts of events such as the COPA America, the most popular video on the site globally is Justin Bieber - Baby- ft. Ludacris while the most popular video in the UK is Charlie bit my finger - again!.

Outside of Facebook and YouTube other popular social networks in the UK in July included Twitter - which grew by 0.3 percent from June-July, Yahoo! Answers with 0.26 percent growth and Gumtree with 0.10 percent growth. Tumblr and Linkedin both experienced a monthly growth of 0.07 percent.

The top ten most popular social networks by UK internet visits, as well as each site's share of visits to all social networks, in July, according to Experian Hitwise:

01.   Facebook 50.14%
02.   YouTube 22.54%
03.   Twitter 3.49%
04.   Yahoo! Answers 2.47%
05.   Gumtree 1.32%
06.   Tumblr 0.84%
07.   LinkedIn 0.83%
08.   Moshi Monsters 0.48%
09.   Moneysavingexpert 0.46%
10.   MySpace 0.44%

Watch "Charlie bit my finger - again!" at:

Watch "Justin Bieber - Baby- ft. Ludacris " at: