One for the Road: To sell or to exchange?


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Peter Wragg suffers from osteoporosis, which has reduced his height by six inches and made it hard for him to see out of his Volvo. He needs to sell it and get a smaller car.

A Car for the Head

This is a two-pronged question from Peter. On the one hand, he needs a smaller car that is easier to see out of. On the other, his Volvo V50 is relatively new and he needs to sell it. I think that 77-year-old Peter has to decide whether he wants the hassle of selling his car privately. Or alternatively contacting a company that will buy his car at a trade price. The middle course is to part-exchange. The key phrase to learn is "the price to change". Peter needs to know what a car dealer will require to take the Volvo and supply a replacement. So what should it be? A Toyota Yaris (below) has a high set driving position. A Toyota dealer can supply a 2011 model for £10,999 – a swap for Peter's Volvo, which is probably worth around that figure.

A Car for the Heart

Although I believe that the small Toyota is the answer and part-exchanging is the most stress-free path, if Peter wants to sell the car himself, it is relatively straightforward. First of all the car needs to be clean. He should then gather all the paperwork and history together and describe it simply and honestly with as many photos as possible. There are then many online advertising options which is the only way people buy cars these days. Price should be based on similar cars for sale. And with cash in hand, he can get a better deal – perhaps a well-equipped, low-mileage 2011 Suzuki Splash 1.2 GLS Automatic for £7,699 from a dealer.

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