Small, stylish and kind to the environment, the Fiat 500 costs a fraction of the price of luxury saloons or off-road gas guzzlers. But the city car is also the most vandalised vehicle in Britain.

The hatchback, launched to huge acclaim in 2008, was the most targeted car by vandals in 2011/12, according to claims data issued by insurers

The Fiat 500 had a 3.62 per cent chance of becoming a victim of vandals, while the car that was the best-seller in the UK in 2011 – the Ford Focus – had only a 0.58 per cent chance.

The car with the second-highest chance of being a target of vandals was the sporty BMW Z4, at 2.97 per cent. Others which made the top 10 include the BMW X5, the Land Rover Range Rover, Volkswagen's Beetle and the Mini Cooper.

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