Range Rover has launched a new experiment tracking movements around global cities to promote the launch of its new Range Rover Evoque.

Using the GPS capabilities of the iPhone, the automaker plans to create visualizations of journeys in ten global cities to create a "real-time, evolving pulse of each city."

By downloading the "Pulse of the City" app, users can track their journeys around New York, London, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Milan, Madrid, Paris, Berlin and Sydney.

Data is then displayed on a visualization on the Evoque's website and can be viewed alongside the journeys of various "influencers" also involved in the campaign such as fashion designers Henry Holland and Georgina Chapman, model Daisy Lowe, actress Jessica Schwarz, PSFK founder and CEO Piers Fawkes and British GQ editor Dylan Jones.

The free app is available now in Apple's app store and will be available on Android from mid-November 2010, when additional cities are also planned to be added to the campaign.

Pulse of the City is designed to broaden the appeal of the new Evoque among young urbanites and although its app might be a world first, Range Rover is not the only automaker trying to crack the audience by blending technology and trendsetters.

In April, Citroen launched a series of city guides tracking the journeys of the trendiest inhabitants of Berlin, London and Paris, dubbing the program "Street Mapper."

Like Pulse of the City, the campaign's high-profile residents were asked to give potential buyers of the new DS3 an insight into their lives, which was recorded using video and uploaded to the car's website.

Since launching with the three major European capitals, Rome, Barcelona and Brussels have also been added.

Join the "Pulse of the City": http://www.helloevoque.com

Download the app: http://itunes.apple.com/uk/app/range-rover-pulse-of-the-city/id398471586?mt=8

Watch the Street Mapper videos: http://www.ds3streetmapper.citroen.com

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