In today's ever moving international automotive marketplace there are many increasingly complex factors that manufacturers of high end vehicles have to take into account.

The traditional values of high performance and quality of comfort are both baseline concepts which should be taken as read in any vehicle in a certain price bracket and innovative design concepts twinned with the implementation of cutting edge technology are the hallmarks of companies such as Lexus.

With the issues of environmental impacts and carbon footprints now at the forefront of many consumers’ minds when making purchases across the whole range of manufacturing products, there is a new factor which has come into play. Previously this had perhaps only been part of the equation when regarding the more 'entry level' side of the motor industry and concerns the overall fuel efficiency and the day to day running costs of the humble vehicle.

Evolution of the market

This situation has led to a dynamic evolution in the premium model market, with the desire to continue offering spaciousness, comfort and power being tied in with a new look at efficiency. The need provide increasing levels of fuel economy is more prominent than ever before and this mens competition is rife.

The involvement of Lexus

Lexus basically kick-started a new class of vehicle in 1998 when it manufactured the world's first luxury SUV. It continued to head development in this sector when it launched the world’s first full hybrid luxury car in 2004.

Now it has risen to new challenges with the RX 450h, which has all the qualities of space, body strength and aerodynamic styling one would expect and all tied in with providing the power you need.

All of these factors have been refined and developed along an ever increasing upward curve and now, with the RX 450h, the addition of an advanced full hybrid engine has raised the bar once again.

Combining the output from two electric motors with a 3.5-litre V6 Atkinson Cycle petrol engine, the result is powerful acceleration which switches unnoticeably between the power of petrol and the economy of electricity. Acceleration reaches 0 to 62 mph in 7.8 secs with a top speed of 124 mph.

Essentially, if you buy RX 450h you are buying into the future of motoring, where reduced emissions and superior fuel economy are becoming essential requirements rather than targets to be aspired to.

The Lexus RX 450h is built at the award-winning 'Eco Factory' in Japan, where the creature comforts have as high a priority as the performance levels. The seats are the centre piece of any vehicles comfort and the luxurious interior of the RX is based around adjustable, contoured seats which are covered in soft leather.

The seats themselves also featured advanced safety technology and each individual seat has its own climate-controlled comfort zone. A Mark Levinson Reference Surround System provides one of the highest quality audio experiences available on the market today to further enhance the enjoyment offered by this vehicle – meaning you can save the planet and travel in luxury.

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