A baby 'helps' its mother by pulling all of the clothes out of the drawer

Esther Anderson highlights the daily battle faced by every parent

One mother is artfully demonstrating just how hard it is to get anything done with a child in tow in a blog dedicated to her young daughter's antics.

Florida-based couple Esther Anderson and her husband Thad create viral videos with Ellia taking a starring role for their blog ‘Story of This Life’.

In her latest video, the 15-month-old can be seen helpfully dragging clothes out of drawers, pulling dirty washing out of the machine, covering herself with food just after having a bath and dumping toys on the floor as Ms Anderson cleans up.

"Why Mums Get Nothing Done," has been viewed over three million times.

“I just wanted to show that this is part of life being a mum,” Ms Anderson told Fox6 News.

“Babies tear things up and take them apart; they unravel your life. Something would be wrong if they didn’t. You would be a helicopter mum."

Some of her other videos include “why co-sleeping is no-sleeping” and “escaping a sleeping baby”.