Pick up lines are cheesy in every culture

What's your best pick up line?

Whatever it is, it's probably just as cheesy as the rest of the world's.

In a new feature from Cut Video, people from countries around the world are asked for their most memorable pick-up lines.

Watch the awkward lines retold here:

A girl from Spain recounts one particularly cringeworthy approach, hoping whoever hears it avoids permanent trauma.

'Hey Mami look at you dressed up in red, I'll be your bullfighter even if that's too much meat for my sabre.'

A man from New Delhi offers up a slightly more risque attempt with "Is your father a terrorist? Because you look Bomb."

Is your father a terrorist? Because you look Bomb.


A line from Thailand plays on maternal expectations and dated technology.

"Do you have a coin? I need one to call my Mum and tell her that I found my match."

One Parisian however neatly sums up the futility of such lines, saying "It's quite ridiculous and pathetic and not even nice to hear for a girl because we know they say that to every girl."

"It's just about the art of conversation."