Picture question: As Brazilian footballers were put through medical checks last week, which England player's unhealthy habit was given the all-clear by whom?

1. How was a television broadcast with 13 repeats voted the best of its type?

2. How were 26 feet of potential embarrassment partially covered in blue?

3. ... and where did Alan Shearer's shirt appear, blown up to 29ft x 17ft in size?

4. The Eurovision Song Contest aside, what other first was achieved last week with the aid of hormones and an artificial vagina?

5. In Madrid, Christina Sanchez became the first woman in her profession to receive a doctorate. What is the profession?

6. How did Sardinia move England ahead of Germany in 45 seconds?

7. What is grotesque about the Dean of Chichester, though he says he cannot see it himself?

8. Who was delighted to pay pounds 1,500 for a school bus going from Kent to Sheffield?

9. Who was not as annoyed by an oriental leg adornment as he was reported to have been?

10. Which Body has had its head replaced by the top of French yogurt?

11. How did armpits and aftershave add to sexual allure in Brooklyn?

12. Why is the mayor of Ashburton in trouble with his party leader?

Picture question: England manager Glenn Hoddle said Paul Gascoigne could carry on smoking. 1. Jeremy Paxman won the Royal Television Society Interview of the Year award for asking Michael Howard the same question 14 times. 2. The 180-ft Cerne Abbas giant was dressed in a pair of jeans, covering part of his 26ft phallus. 3. On the Angel of the North statue in Newcastle. 4. The first koala to be conceived by artificial insemination was born in Brisbane. The female's ovulation was induced with hormones; the male semen was collected using an artificial vagina. 5. Bullfighter 6. Gianfranco Zola's winning goal for Chelsea against Stuttgart in the Uefa Cup Final came 45 seconds after he came on as a substitute. 7. A gargoyle on Chichester Cathedral was inspired by the Very Rev John Treadgold's face. 8. Schoolboy bus enthusiast Ian Frith bought the bus that used to take him to school after tracking it down to a Kent scrapyard. 9. Prince Philip denied reports that he had objected to the nomination of Emperor Akihito as a member of the Order of the Garter. 10. Anita Roddick has stepped down as Chief Executive of the Body Shop and has been replaced by Patrick Gournay from Danone. 11. Researchers at Brooklyn College, New York, found that adding Athena Pheromone 10X (derived from substances secreted by men's armpits) to a man's aftershave resulted in the wearer experiencing "significantly more sexual episodes". 12. The mayor, Alan Hope, is deputy leader of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, whose leader Screaming Lord Sutch says they may have to fling him out for being too successful.